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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dance Party Wednesday?

 I feel like missing my "Vinyl Monday" post has done something to my blogging mojo. I really love kicking off the week with a little music and since I didn't have any internet access on Monday, I'm introducing "Dance Party Wednesday". I've talked about how important music is to my creative process a lot, and I want you all to feel just as inspired as I do.

So here we go:

  Xiu Xiu- Hi

I love Xiu Xiu so much. There's a creepy/sad undercurrent, akin to themes of aesthetic realism, that just feels so honest  but somehow dream-like. Am I babbling?

  Cults- Go Outside

I saw this video on Tavi's blog last night and I cannot stop watching it. It's amazing (almost refreshing) to see the Jonestown Massacre from a different perspective.

  Princess Chelsea- The Cigarette Duet 

And this was just too cute not to share!

 Have fun "getting low", or "twerking" or whatever crazy dancing you kids are doing these days!


Eartha Kitsch said...

Ooh! What a great line-up! The Mister is a freak about Xiu Xiu. That video by Cults is amazing and kind of beautiful and gave me chills. Wow, that one was really something else.

Paula McGrath said...

i LOVE your video choices! thanks for the 30 minute break from classwork ;)

Anastasia said...

Oh man how good is "go outside" its making it into my "run around and feel better" playlist which sounds like that song and has no lyrical bearing. and the video to it is amazing. dude awesome song selection in this post c:

midwestmaude said...

Of course I have to ask about that amazing owl wall paper in the first pic! Is that yours? And that Holly Hobby is too cute!

midwestmaude said...

Of course I have to ask about that amazing owl wall paper! Is that yours? And the Holly Hobby is just too cute!