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Monday, April 02, 2012

vinyl monday: pretty girls make graves.

Vinyl Monday

vinyl monday: pretty girls makes graves.

vinyl monday: pretty girls makes graves.

I finally ended up getting a dentist appointment at the office across the street from my house for tomorrow afternoon. I really hate going to the dentist. I actually had a panic attack after I called this morning. Ugh.

The last time I went to the dentist, I had a crown put in. The dentist cut the under side of my tongue with the drill. There was blood everywhere. The whole situation was super dramatic and awful.

I'm hoping for something a little more low key tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for smooth sailing!

I'm going to take a handful of Motrin and go to bed. It's been a long day.

Are you afraid of the dentist? Am I being a big baby?


Erin Joy said...

Oh my gosh - you are not alone. I am a huge dental phobe. I've finally found a dentist I like, but it doesn't really make it any easier. I have to go at the end of the month and my stomach involuntarily clenches just thinking about it! Hugs your way - it'll be ok!

Mandy Ferrugia said...

Oh man, I am soooo afraid of the dentist. Normally I have them give me that laughing gas stuff, but the last time I ended up having a really bad panic attack because of it. Yeah, not good (and probably not helpful to you..sorry!)

I'm sending good thoughts your way, hopefully it won't take too long at the dentist's office! xx

Eartha Kitsch said...

You poor thing! Yes, I'm afraid too. I have to go on Thursday and am already quaking. Strength in numbers...we can do this! And that thing with the drill and your tongue - no wonder you're traumatized. Just tell yourself that the pain will be fixed....the pain will be fixed...

And when you go in to meet the new dentist tell them right away that you have dental phobia. They're used to it.

Sian Lile said...

ugh - i also hate the dentist- and he always tries to do small talk with me and i'm too stressed to answer.... i do love pretty girls make graves tho! i have a tshirt.... which means i must have seen them live... but i can't really remember!!x

Cath Elizabeth said...

Oh no, you're not a baby, I'm terrified of the dentist. I have a friend whose parents are both dentists, and they never let him have chocolate as a child. Further reason to be suspicious of dentists I think!

winkieflash said...

I think nobody actually likes going to the dentist. My dentist has this special technique, where he fixes one tooth, and then magically makes another one hurt, so I have to get back in two weeks later. He's really a special guy :S
Anyway, good luck! :)

shakti said...

Holy cow! I'd be afraid of the dentist too!
I had a couple bad experiences when I was little and too scared to stick up for myself. Now I'm very firm and tell them I want to be completely knocked out. Knocked out as in I snore and they have my mouth propped open with a rubber block. It sounds extreme for little fillings but it makes everything so much better. You should request they do that.
Also, where did you get your record player?

*karen said...

mI am TERRIFIED of the dentist. I actually canceled my dentist appointments in the past because I could not bring myself to go. In fact I want a new dentist. My current dentist is...he just makes me uncomfortable. You are not alone. You are my hero for actually having the courage to do it.

Parramatta Dentist Office said...

Sheesh! Sounds like you need to find a new dentist! If you have that bad of anxiety before the dentist you really should take something for it. You can also ask for laughing gas at the dentist to help you relax. Hope your visit this time is better than last time! :)