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Friday, June 08, 2012

Doing stuff via Instagram!

I been working very hard on an amazing creative project that's eating up all of my spare time! I'm not complaining, it will be absolutely worth it and it's an incredible opportunity, possibly one of the most exciting things that's ever happened to me.

Unfortunately, between that and working a full time day job, that doesn't leave me with a ton of time to play. However, I did take a few spare moments to make a fancy dinner here and there, brew some sun tea and even try out a few new crafting techniques. For someone that rarely wakes up before 11am, that's quite a list of accomplishments, right?

Instead of just posting links to other blogs about stuff that looks cool, I decided that I would use today to share some things from other blogs that I've tested out personally.

Sound good? Here we go...

We all know I'm awful at taking food pictures; add instagram filters to the mix and it's even worse. As gross as my picture makes it look, Veggie Mama's "Cheaty, Easy, Quick Sun Dried Tomato Ravioli" was incredible! It was my first time using wonton wrappers and the process was totally painless. DO NOT skip out on the heavy cream sauce either, I thought we might to save a few calories, but it was so tasty! Definitely worth the minimal effort!

Yesterday, we spent a ton of time working on our little postage stamp sized garden. We planted a bunch of marigolds and other super sweet flowers, and while we were digging holes and planting plants Miss Indie's Autumn Orange Sun Tea sat on the ledge next to us brewing.. I bought decaf tea bags, because I'm still steering clear of that stuff (very few migraines lately!) and I used a few extra cloves because I love them. After getting all sweaty and grimey outside, this was such a refreshing treat!

Kellyn and I haven't had a crafternoon in ages! While wandering the aisles of Michaels the yesterday trying to pick pick our project du jour, I remembered My Paper Crane's Pour-paint pots and we quickly snatched up all of the things that we would need to make these lovelies. Kellyn started out with a very sophisticated stencil but quickly gave up because the poured paint looked so cool! It's so simple and the results seem pretty great. I don't have any FO shots yet because the pots are still drying; so much paint! We bought the cheapest stuff (50 cent acrylic) and used all four bottles plus a little Martha Stewart glitter paint on four pots, so it was pretty budget conscious, especially for us. I can't wait to see them all dried out and ready to go!

Even in my super busy schedule, I'm still finding time to enjoy the process because that's what this crafting thing is all about, right?

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What are you working on?


Lilea said...

Wonton wrappers.... Yes! I'll have to get you Allyson's Pumpkin Ravioli recipe. It's so good!

Eartha Kitsch said...

I want to try both the ravioli and those pots! Congratulations on your exciting new project whatever it may be!

halfwhiteboy said...

your blog header with the kittens had me. :) i'm following you now.

Eartha Kitsch said...

Made the ravioli last night. SO good!! After I got my wonton folding skills down, things went pretty fast.

Paula McGrath said...

wow - i really dig the pot a lot!!