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Monday, June 11, 2012

Vinyl Monday: Carole King.



I saw Lea at my day job earlier today (the one that's keeping my lights on), and somehow our discussion turned to THIS Vinyl Monday post. I was tired this morning and not feeling super thoughtful or anything. I jusy waved my hand over my record crates and pulled out the first thing I touched; Carole King's Tapestry.

To be completely honest, I have never ever listened to it. It's just one of those records that every single thrift shop/record store/goodwill has by the millions. I really like OTHER artists she's loosely associated with, she can't be that bad, right?

When I got home tonight, I found it incredibly hard to find a video in which Carole really seemed to encompass a "vibe", after about four or five I assumed she was just another1970's automaton; engineered to pump out the jams.

Finally, I found this one, where ol' Carole finally gets down and really rides those astral planes.
(The drummer is a stone cold fox, BTW)

So, now I guess I'm a convert.

She's really not that bad.

What do you think? Have I lost mind? Do YOU like her?


Lilea said...

That was the one album I had of hers. I liked her because her vocal range was the same as mine, so all her songs were really "singable" for me.

Bianca J said...

I bought this record a few months ago thinking "this is one of those records you're meant to have in your record collection, isn't it?" and after a few listens I really really enjoyed it. It grew on me. Hope it grows on you :)

Dave said...

Automaton? Hardly. She was a groundbreaker at the time.

Did you listen to the whole album?


Paula McGrath said...

i saw you post that shirt on FB the other day, and I love it!

Rae - Say It Ain't So said...

you are crazy, that album is great! my dad bought it for me when i was about 12, so i've loved it for a long time.

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

Never much got into Carole. I do however appreciate her writing He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss) as I have enjoyed listening to Hole performances of it for well over a decade.

eliza said...

no opinion on carole, but i LOVE your t-shirt... ^_~

Katie and Reuben said...

We almost bought that record on the weekend! Unfortunately it had a big scratch so we left it alone. We have 'Writer' and 'Rhymes & Reasons' though.

Reuben :) said...

Ah! I'm so pleased that you're a convert now, because I ADORE Carole King so much. I think there's a reason that original copies of Tapestry are so easy to find.

There's just something about the texture of her voice that really resonates with me. Love her so much!