Monday, June 24, 2013


I know I've touched on the subject, but for those of you that didn't know; I've moved into a new place! It's so full of exciting new opportunity and positive energy. Some days, I wake up and I feel like my heart is just going to explode from symptoms of extreme jubilation. Of course there are other factors that have been making things incredibly blissful, but right now we're talking about the physical space.

I've moved into a much smaller room and have been working hard to find creative and visually appealing space saving solutions while buying as little furniture as possible. It's been tricky, but I love the way things are shaping up.

One of my first DIYs in my new bedroom is this fantastic record wall, I have a growing collection and my record console can only hold so many.

This DIY really is as simple as sticking a binder clip on either side of the record, and hanging it on two clear pushpins. Of course you get get really fussy and measure everything out, probably do some tricks with a level and string or something, but I just lined everything up with the baseboards and the corner of the wall and filled in the negative space. I don't like over thinking projects or waiting too long to see my vision come to fruition.

You really don't need to buy those fancy record frames to show off your collection. You can just go to the office supply store and buy a few bags of binder clips.

I just saved you $100. You can Paypal me the difference.


Cassy said...

Love your record wall. Nice way to keep the records safe.

Lisa said...

That's such a clever idea! I don't have that many records, but it seems like it would work well for picture books and magazines too ^_^

Anonymous said...

Ah, that's perfect.
Inspired me to do the same:
Thanks for sharing!