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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What A Week!

(excuse my awful cell phone picture. haha)


I've been pretty sick since last Thursday, hence no posts. I actually ended up in the hospital on Monday, where I found out that was having a minor "gastrointestinal" event. However, everything is okay now and I have a handful of different pills and elixirs to take for the next 8 days.

While I was laying around, I suffered from another (more fun) ailment; start-itis! Instead of working on my sweater or the hand towels for my bathroom, I became enchanted by Miss Stephanie Dosen's Beekeeper quilt. I got everything ready and realized that I didn't have the right needles, so I started my second Jaywalker sock(ravelry link). Last night, Dave drove me to A.C. Moore and I picked up needles for the quilt. I made my first little hexi-puff in about a half an hour!

384 more to go!


Coming Up...

-The Never-Ending Braided Rug Maybe a Failure.
-A Work in Progress: The Bathroom.
-The First Roll of Film From My Diana Mini
-Acrylic Stash-busting + Vintage Craft: God's Eye

...and much more


Anastasia said...

AHH no!! :CC well I'm glad you've got your 'lixers to keep you goin now C: Feel bettew.

Starting is fun! I have to set myself deadlines tho when I start too much. That quilt looks SO COOL :BB

WillyG said...

The hospital! I'm sorry for your gastrointenstines. And I'm sorry for being so mean to the voodoo doll we set up in your stead at knit night.

Oh, and we had fun perusing the beekeeper's quilt all evening. It is pretty intriguing!

Erin Joy said...

Hey, I feel your pain. While on vacation last week, one kid got the stomach flu at the beginning while the second kid got it at the end of the week. Guess who got it over the weekend? Thank goodness you're feeling better - and have good projects to distract yourself with. I've always loved that quilt!

Lilea said...

Elixers... it sounds so romantic. Glad you are better.

I have two rows of my first honeycombpuff (don't like the sound of hexipuff) done. It was late and I had to give it up for the night. Can't wait to get started in full force on them.

emilyjune said...

oh no youre sick too?! take care! i've been totally slacking cuz of not feeling too good recently but it happens, dont worry :)

littlebirdbigcity said...

So sorry to hear about your illness! Going to the hospital is the worst, not to mention expensive! Hope you feel better. Good luck on the projects!

steven andrew said...

So glad you're better and you're back! :)
That is so cute, I can't wait to see the end result!

janeboston said...

hello! just wanted to say hey. i'm jane and i'm a new follower of your blog <3

eliza said...

I hope you're feeling better! Being sick is the worst!

You are not alone in being enamored of the hexi-puffs! it's nice to have a long term project for in between things. happy knitting!

Jessi said...

Hospital even - that's rough!! I'm glad your on the mend :)

Rae said...

what an amazing quilt! i have GOT to learn to knit!

i'm glad you are feeling better!